Welcome to Begin Giving!

Welcome to Begin Giving! We are so excited to have you here. We would love to take the opportunity to explain what the goal of Begin Giving is and how we plan to help you chose a charity to get involved with either by donating or volunteering. We want to offer you a way to find charities based on your interests while at the highlighting charities that are overlooked or go unrecognized.

What do we mean by “overlooked or unrecognized”?

We mean charitable organizations that don’t have big money to advertise.

We mean NGOs(non-governmental organizations) that are run by leaders from marginalized populations.

We mean non-profits that don’t meet sometimes-unrealistic standards of charity watchdog websites and unfair and biased rating systems.

We are talking about those charities that are doing amazing work around the world but don’t have the means to have a fancy website, a marketing team, or a Board of Directors with connections to wealthy donors.

Whoa – calm down. That was kind of intense

Sorry – we don’t mean to be – we are just really passionate about our vision.

We are also not disregarding the importance of charities being able to prove themselves — we understand IRS Form 990s, financial statements, strategic plans, monitoring, and evaluation. But what we don’t understand is the cookie-cutter method for choosing the charity in which charity watchdog organizations feel you should donate. It doesn’t make sense because charities are very different and don’t fit into a mold.

I’m not sure I understand

Let me give you an example. If you visited your neighbor and found out they didn’t have running water in their home, and you wanted to help, would you ask them what if they had the resources to cover their rent before you offered to pay their water bill? Would ask what their five-year plan was? Would you insist that they present their taxes for the last three years? Would you offer them money but only under the stipulation that they use it to repair their roof instead of turning their water back on? No. You would give them the money and trust that they are paying their bill. And why do you trust them? Because you have established a human relationship with them, and that is what is valuable to us.

Makes sense – how does Begin Giving work?

At Begin Giving, have certain criteria that we believe in when deciding who we feature on our website. You can read more about that on our FAQ blog. We also want to offer you a way to find charities that interest you based on your passions, beliefs, hobbies, or dreams. We are here to do whatever we can to get more people involved with important causes and help you on your journey to donating.

We are here to represent the underdogs in the non-profit world. We are glad that you are here with us.



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